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Your Emotional State Is Key

In my devotion time today, we talked about anger and how we can handle or diffuse a given situation.

I’m sure you can imagine with a name like ‘the lover and fighter’, I have to have a great deal of emotion I’m working with. Honestly, it used to be that way. I wasn’t an extremist, but I was very expressive. LOL!

I truly believe there’s a time and place for everything. Sometimes unconditional love is in order and sometime you have to put up your dukes and fight. Figuratively and literally!

This doesn’t make you crazy. It makes you human.

I’m glad to say I have found my happy medium and have been in that place for a number of years now. My friend even noticed I’m calmer.

How did I do it?

Well, we know stress is inevitable and in certain cases, it’s necessary. I just knew with a medical condition, added stress is not your friend. So, I took a conscious and deliberate approach to manage my health.

That and having loving and supportive family and friends has made all the difference.

How do you handle your emotions?

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