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Starting With a Clean Slate

We’re told that living in today’s society and environment, we are exposed to numerous toxins and it’s necessary to detox. The challenge is where do we start and is it safe or easy? Well, I find that detoxing is not only necessary, it’s beneficial and not hard at all. In fact, the detox I just finished proved to be gentle on my system, as well as, very effective. Detoxing, in my opinion, gives you a clean slate to build your healthy lifestyle on.


April 30, 2017, was the last day of a 30-Day Detox Challenge I was on. It was definitely a challenge and well worth it. The idea was to turn my body into a fat-burning machine instead of a sugar-burning machine. This would be accomplished by following a Ketogenic Diet protocol and incorporating certain supplements to assist in the process.


During the month, I found that my weight loss was minimal (7lbs), but am encouraged to know I’m headed in the right direction. What I have noticed is that my trips to the bathroom are more frequent and productive. This has proven to me that my waste management system is getting back on track.


I feel the changes I’ve made, sticking to an 8-hour “feeding window” and eating good fats with minimal carbs, is something I can continue throughout my life. I find that eating this way left me with no desire to eat outside that time frame. I believe once I add in a consistent workout routine, the weight will drop at alarming rates and come closer to ideal weight management. I’m sure I’ll repeat this challenge in the near future. I encourage you to join me.


Get started with a clean slate!

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