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My Plank Challenge

Today’s the start of my plank challenge. The challenge is for 28 days. It starts light and increases slightly every day or so. Today’s time is 20 secs. Tomorrow is a REST day. Sun. and Mon.’s times are 20 and 30 sec., respectively. I’ll check in Mon. afternoon to see how you’re doing and give updates.

If you’re not familiar with planks, this video should help clear things up a bit. https://youtu.be/EyCMdSX2WCA

I feel at 18 weeks (4-1/2 months) pregnant, planks may be the safest and most effective way to support and build my core. If you didn’t know, I’m considered high risk because I’m slightly older than other child bearing women and my previous deliveries were by Cesarean (all three)! I’m hoping to avoid another C-section so I want to do what I can to strengthen all parts involved. 🙂

Check the comments section below for updates.

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